10 reasons to make your own lunches!

10 reasons to make your own lunches!

  • You can ensure that you get a good balance of all the food groups. In other words a good portion of  lean protein, some good fats and lots of vegetables

You 100%  know exactly what is in that lunchbox, no hidden salt, hidden sugar or hidden fats  that creep in, often in the form of bought dressings or fatty/cheap cuts of meat

  • You get to decide on the portion sizes, cutting back on the white carbs and adding some extra crunchy vegetables such as celery or raw broccoli. They take some effort to eat and are full of fibre which means they really fill you up!
  • You won’t have to scrimp on the protein, all too often bought salads have the tiniest portion of protein on the top expecting you to fill up on the something stodgy instead. Making your own lunch means that you can have a decent portion of protein which is essential for rebuilding muscle fibres after exercising and filling you up
  • Save some cash! A decent salad in the city costs around $12 in Sydney or 6 pounds in the UK which is around $60 or 30 pounds per week. You can make your own lunch at home for half the price and put that money towards something much more exciting
  • With a little bit of creativity your own salad will be MUCH tastier than a bought one, add seeds, fresh herbs, sun-dried tomatoes, bean sprouts, a few berries, pulses or lemon juice to create different flavours
  • Avoid those timely salad bar queues by taking your own lunch in, that time could be put to much better use such as catching up on your facebook or even better  a brisk lunchtime walk around the block!
  • You get to decide on the quality of your salad vegetables, picking seasonal ingredients for example or avoiding ingredients that look like they are way past their sell by date!
  • Use up leftovers, they often taste better cold the next day!
  • You need to make sure you re-fuel regularly throughout the day, so, if you are someone who is often so busy that you  forget to eat, having your lunch box in the fridge at work or in your handbag as you do errands means you will be far more likely to eat!

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