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Tough Mudder – A Big Shout Out!

Just sending out a quick post as I wanted to congratulate 3 guys who are extremely important to me on their achievements last weekend! My amazing husband Rob and two fantastic friends (and also clients!) James and John (and number 4 teammate Nick) completed the ultimate fitness challenge of ‘Tough Mudder’ last Saturday in an amazing time of 3 hours. The average is 3-4 hours!

For those of you who are wondering what ‘Tough Mudder’ is, it is a hardcore 20km obstacle course that has been designed by the special forces. In between severe uphill sprints participants are faced with obstacles that are not for the faint hearted, comprising hurdles such as underground mud tunnels, fire, ice-cold water and 10,000 volts of electricity. The course is designed to both physically and mentally push you to your limits, working in teams to complete the event together

In order to prepare for an event like this you need to train hard and this doesn’t just mean going for your twice weekly runs. This means hardcore interval and resistance training. This means developing rock hard core strength to give you the strength, power and endurance that you need.  This means eating right and living right to ensure that your body has all the nutrients and energy reserves that it needs. They trained so hard for this event, tirelessly pushing themselves to their limits on a regular basis!

Well done boys, bring on next year!!!

PS – Special note goes to Rob who managed to dislocate his shoulder at obstacle 3 of 21, yet he still still finished with his arm in a makeshift sling made out a discarded t-shirt! (Thanks to Nick for popping the shoulder back in for him… nice!)

De-sugar your life and feel great!

Did you know that between 70-80% of weight loss is attributed to the food that you consume. The further 20-30% is down to exercise. Therefore I can’t stress enough the importance of eating a healthy balanced diet for keeping your weight in check.  Also keeping a healthy heart, avoiding health risks such as diabetes and high cholesterol,  maintaining a healthy digestive system, keeping energy levels at their peak and keeping you looking and feeling great! Anyone who claims that all you need to do is exercise and then you can eat what you want to stay healthy is just plain wrong!

One of the first things that I focus on when I have a new client who is lacking in energy or is looking to lose weight is to take a good  look at their eating habits. More often that not I notice similar patterns developing… seemingly ‘healthy’ foods that  appear on a daily basis are often packed full of hidden sugars and artificial sweeteners that send the blood sugar levels souring and many contain chemicals that don’t provide the body with any goodness.

With this in mind I am going to show you a typical ‘seemingly healthy’ daily food menu and then add a few tweaks that could make all the difference in helping you to achieve your goals.  These changes will increase the amount of protein and good fats at each meal and reduce the amount of overall sugar in the diet. In combination these will help to make you feel fuller for longer – helping you to resist the urge to pick.  They should help to improve your energy levels and will prevent you from storing excess sugar as fat.

Typical Daily Menu


A bowl of low-fat  fruit and nut muesli with some chopped strawberry OR  2 slices of  wholemeal toast with Marmite

SUGGEST SWAPPING  TO – 1 slice of multiseed toast with 2 boiled eggs or smoked salmon, 1/2 small avocado, a tomato and some leaves


Tuna and salad sandwich made with 1/2 can tuna and salad on turkish bread

Low Fat raspberry Yogurt

SUGGEST SWAPPING TO – Tuna salad made with a whole can of tuna, 2 tablespoons of mixed beans, lots of salad, a handful of seeds, olive oil and apple cider vinegar dressing

 1 cup of natural yogurt with a few raspberries


Oat and honey muesli bar

SUGGEST SWAPPING TO – 1 tablespoon cottage cheese with 2 oatcake biscuits


Wholemeal pasta with a tomato and vegetable sauce

Big bowl of chopped pineapple

SUGGEST SWAPPING TO –  1 whole chicken breast baked with a little olive oil and herbs, with a tomato and vegetable sauce, extra broccoli

Half an apple spread with a little almond butter

Finally…  make sure you get at least 8 glasses of water per day. If you have a coffee chase it with a glass of water!

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