Snack ideas when you are on the run!

I am travelling back home to the UK for a three week holiday on Thursday and I am sooo excited about it! Obviously the actual holiday part is the most thrilling bit about the trip but I can’t deny that I also really enjoy the travel bit too. I know that this may sound a little strange to some but I really relish in the excitement of the long journey… the whole experience of getting from A to B. I love to make an occasion of things!

Ask my husband, who has to experience it all first hand! I love the early morning starts, I love being organised, I love the excitement of airports, I love the huge pile magazines that I buy, guilt free, before I get on the plane (a 24 hour flight definitely warrants it!), I love the people watching, I love aeroplanes, I love the feeling of cosying up with an endless supply of movies and backgammon, I love the fact that you have no choice but to relax and have some proper thinking time and of course most importantly I love touching down  at B… especially when B is the UK,  my wonderful home country and I see my amazing, smiling, family waiting for us as we go through customs!

The only thing that I don’t however love about travel is the food. More often than not both at the airport and on the plane the food is white, stodgy, full of hidden sugars, full of salt and lets face it pretty tasteless. These kind of dehydrating foods can also make your jet lag worse!

To avoid feeling sluggish I tend to eat the meat/fish and vegetable sections of the airplane food but leave the white bread/pasta/rice/potato and puddings and I drink as much water as possible. Although the trays of juices they bring around might seem appealing I avoid these as they are packed full of sugar which can leave you with sugar highs and then lows and I either stick to the water or opt for a herbal tea.

As part of my pre travel plans I also put together a little snack box of easy, healthy treats that will fill me up if the plane food isn’t great or if I get hungry in between meals.

Here are a list of some of my easy to travel snacks, these can be used anytime of course, for work or just when you are running around doing errands and are worried about the finding healthy food choices….

  • 2 x oatcakes sandwiched together with a thick layer of natural peanut/almond butter and a sprinkling of seeds (make sure the peanut butter is 100% peanuts nothing else!)
  • Chopped celery, carrot, pepper broccoli  anda tablespoon of tablespoon of peanut/almond butter
  • Trail mix made with almonds, cashews and your choice of seeds.  Roast for a few minutes in a little coconut oil and sprinkle with cinnamon (cinnamon is very good at stabilising blood sugar levels)
  • A slice of healthy, low carb banana bread…
  • Natural yogurt with some almonds and again a sprinkling of cinnamon
  • A hardboiled egg with chopped tomato
  • A can of tuna mixed with a little natural yogurt, a squeeze of lemon, chives and some chopped cucumber
  • A cup of cottage cheese with some chives a very thinly sliced celery
  • Sliced organic chicken pieces with carrots

Obviously some of these treats are more perishable than others so pick the ones that go off easily for the shorter journeys or for the beginning of the flight!

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