Tough Mudder – A Big Shout Out!

Just sending out a quick post as I wanted to congratulate 3 guys who are extremely important to me on their achievements last weekend! My amazing husband Rob and two fantastic friends (and also clients!) James and John (and number 4 teammate Nick) completed the ultimate fitness challenge of ‘Tough Mudder’ last Saturday in an amazing time of 3 hours. The average is 3-4 hours!

For those of you who are wondering what ‘Tough Mudder’ is, it is a hardcore 20km obstacle course that has been designed by the special forces. In between severe uphill sprints participants are faced with obstacles that are not for the faint hearted, comprising hurdles such as underground mud tunnels, fire, ice-cold water and 10,000 volts of electricity. The course is designed to both physically and mentally push you to your limits, working in teams to complete the event together

In order to prepare for an event like this you need to train hard and this doesn’t just mean going for your twice weekly runs. This means hardcore interval and resistance training. This means developing rock hard core strength to give you the strength, power and endurance that you need.  This means eating right and living right to ensure that your body has all the nutrients and energy reserves that it needs. They trained so hard for this event, tirelessly pushing themselves to their limits on a regular basis!

Well done boys, bring on next year!!!

PS – Special note goes to Rob who managed to dislocate his shoulder at obstacle 3 of 21, yet he still still finished with his arm in a makeshift sling made out a discarded t-shirt! (Thanks to Nick for popping the shoulder back in for him… nice!)

5 Responses to “Tough Mudder – A Big Shout Out!”

  1. Loved every minute of it! Thanks Tess and Team!

  2. Could not have done it with out you… there is no way I could have got round that course with the extra 25 kilo’s I was carrying or the lack of core strength that I had! To be brutally honest, I do not think I would have got past the second obstacle without your training! THANKS Tess! Well done team Mutts Nutts! Loved it!

  3. Way to go Rob!!! The picture is amazing too. Hope your shoulder recuperates soon. Congratulations!

  4. As my brother says… Tess, you were our inspiration. I would have never believed you a year ago if you had told me we would get round that course let a lone in 3 hours. From couch potatoe to Tough Mudder. It is the equiverlent of water into wine. You are the best!!!

  5. Amazing!!

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