Almond Butter – Tastes too Good to be Good!

My new favourite food of the moment has to be 100% natural almond butter!  This is why:

– It really tastes so good! It’s similar to peanut butter but it is sweeter and creamier. For a yummy snack try spreading almond butter on low GI oat cakes (much tastier than a sugary laden biscuit) and sprinkle with some pumpkin seeds. Alternatively use it as a dip for raw vegetables.

– It really fills you up! Almonds are packed full of protein, in fact they have more protein than any other nuts. This means that they will keep you feeling fuller for longer and ensures that your blood sugar levels are in check. Protein also helps to rebuild muscle, therefore it is an awesome post exercise snack.

– Full of nutrients! Containing more dietary fibre, calcium and vitamin E that any other nut. They also have a huge list of other nutrients including folic acid, zinc and the omega-6 essential fatty acids.

– Almonds help you burn fat!  Research has shown that of two groups of people on low calorie diets, those who ate almonds every day lost 50% more fat than those who didn’t.

* Make sure you always go for the 100% natural variety with nothing else added. Check the ingredients on the back for more info.

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