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As a trainer I am constantly asked what the ideal diet formula is for maintaining a healthy weight and keeping energy levels at their peak. There is so much information out there and so many different opinions that it is really difficult to know what to believe.

Through my own study, experiences and discussions with various health professionals about this over the years (from dieticians to acupuncturists, from naturopaths to doctors) I have found that we all seem to agree with a very similar and very simple philosophy… Sugar is the baddy!! 

A well balanced diet including lots of protein, vegetables, good fats and small amounts of low GI carbohydrates it she sure fire way to providing your body with all the healthy nutrients it needs, in addition to being kind to the waist line!

By following this simple formula I have seen amazing results with a long list of clients – coupled with at least 2 litres of water per day and regular exercise of course!

This way of eating has numerous health benefits including;  helping to you to stay fuller for longer after meals, helping to stabilise your blood sugar levels,  keeping your energy levels firing, stoping sugar cravings  and minimising excess glucose levels which store in the body as fat.

All the recipes that I include on this site follow this simple formula, they are high in protein and low GI. NOTHING will ever include sugar or white refined carbohydrates and all recipes will endeavour to have positive effects on the body.

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