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A SENSIBLE 14 day Detox

My post this week is a SENSIBLE 14 day detox plan that I often give my clients if they are low in energy levels, feeling a little down or depressed or if they want to kick start a weight loss plan.

I say SENSIBLE IN CAPITALS because there are no expensive supplements to take, no living off cabbage and soup for 2 weeks, its easy to follow and stick to and there no aggressive or potentially damaging powders that claim to rid your body of toxins (often causing more harm than good!)

This detox plan focuses on healthy nutritious eating, getting adequate portions of protein and vegetables and quite simply cutting out sugar.

The reason for cutting out sugar – very briefly excess or overloads of sugar that aren’t converted into energy are stored in the body as fat. This can lead to weight gain. Also the excess sugar will send your blood sugar levels soaring, initially leading to an energy boost but then what goes must come down and eventually you are left with a tired lethargic slump. Then you guessed it, you will need to refuel with more sugar to keep you going!  Is that mid afternoon slump familiar to anyone?

Anyway give this program a go and let me know what you think… Please note – you are still allowed small amounts of dry wine, tea and coffee but obviously in moderation!!


Dr. Phil Maffetone’s 14 day weight loss and cleansing test is a great way to get started on a program that will detoxify your body safely and with great results!

This is a great program for anyone who wants to regulate their blood sugar with healthy foods.

The Two-Week Test
Dr. Philip Maffetone

I developed the Two Week Test in the early 1980s to help people get back their intuition and instincts about healthy eating. This is the first step to getting off the vicious diet cycle which is perpetuated so much this time of year.

Many people eat too much dietary carbohydrate – beyond what their bodies can tolerate. The Two Week Test is a simple method for understanding and correcting this problem.

First note if you have any of the following problems, and write them down:

  • Physical or mental fatigue
  • Blood-sugar handling problems
  • Intestinal bloating
  • Sleepiness after meals
  • Increased fat storage and weight
  • Increased triglycerides
  • Increased blood pressure
  • Poor sleep
  • Depression
  • Addiction

In addition, if you are concerned about your weight, weigh yourself before starting the test. After the test, you will ask yourself again how you feel regarding these complaints, and also check your weight on the scale.

During the Two-Week Test you will significantly decrease your intake of carbohydrates. It is important that you do not go hungry. Eat as much as you want but stick strictly to the recommended foods. Before you start the test, make sure you have enough of the foods you’ll be eating during the test. Go shopping and stock up on these items. In addition, go through your cabinets and refrigerator and get rid of any sweets in your house, or you’ll be tempted.

As for the test itself, you merely want to eat using the following guidelines for a period of no less than two weeks.

Foods to avoid:

  • Bread, rolls, pasta, pancakes, cereal, muffins, chips, crackers and rice cakes.
  • All sweets
  • All products containing sugar such as ketchup, honey, etc. (read labels!).
  • Fruits and fruit juice.
  • Highly processed meats such cold cuts, which often contain sugar.
  • Potatoes, corn, rice and beans.
  • Milk, half-and-half and yogurt.
  • So-called healthy snacks, including all energy bars, shakes and drinks.
  • All soda, including diet.

Foods to eat:

  • All cooked or raw vegetables (except potatoes and corn).
  • Whole eggs, unprocessed cheese, cream.
  • All unprocessed meats including beef, turkey, chicken, lamb, fish and shellfish.
  • Tomato, V-8 or other vegetable juices such as carrot juice.
  • Nuts, seeds, nut butters.
  • Oils, vinegar, mayonnaise, salsa and mustard (check labels for added sugars).
  • Sea salt (unless you are sodium sensitive).
  • Water! At least six to ten, 8-ounce glasses each day.
  • Dry wine, coffee and tea if you normally consume them.

After the Two-Week Test
Re-evaluate your list of complaints. If you feel better now than you did before the test, or if you lost weight, chances are you were previously eating too much carbohydrate and would benefit by lowering your intake. Any weight loss during the test is not due to reduced calories, as many people eat more calories than usual during this two-week period. It’s due to the increased fat-burning resulting from reduced insulin production. While there may be some water loss, especially if you are sodium sensitive, there is real fat loss.

If your blood pressure has been high, and especially if you are on medication, ask your health-care professional to check it several times during the test. Sometimes blood pressure drops significantly and your medication may need to be adjusted, which should be done by your health-care professional.


Adding Carbs
If the Two-Week Test improved your signs and symptoms; the next step is to determine how much carbohydrate you can tolerate, without a return of these problems. This is done in the following manner.

Begin adding small amounts of carbohydrates to your diet with every other meal or snack. This may be an apple for a snack, or some brown rice with dinner. Begin with fruits, lentils, rice and honey, and afterwards try bread, potatoes and others. Whatever you add, make sure it’s not a refined carbohydrate: no foods containing sugar, no refined-flour products (like white bread, rolls or pasta), brown rice instead of white, etc. Don’t add a carbohydrate to back-to-back meals, as insulin production is partly influenced by your previous meal.

With each addition of carbohydrate, watch for any of the symptoms you had previously that were eliminated by the test. Look especially for symptoms that develop immediately after eating, such as intestinal bloating, sleepiness or feelings of depression. If your hunger or cravings disappeared during the two weeks and now have returned, you’ve probably eaten too many carbohydrates. If you lost 8 pounds during the test, and gained back 5 pounds after adding some carbohydrates for a week or two, you’ve probably eaten too many carbohydrates.

PS – Photo taken at Killcare, near Sydney Australia.

Client Testimonials

“I happened to come across Tessa Fanshawe while she was training someone at the Botanical Gardens and immediately felt that having a personal trainer was exactly what I needed in order to lose the weight I had put on during my two pregnancies. I took her number and soon we met to work out a convenient schedule, my goals and a personal health assessment in order to begin training. As it turned out, it was the best decision I could have made in my attempt to get back into shape. As an ex-ballet dancer and teacher, I was desperate to lose the weight so I could start training again. Following Tessa’s initial assessment of my state of health, she developed an eating and exercise program that I still follow and have adopted as a way of life. Tessa was not only fully committed to my training, by devising programs every week, advising me on nutritional and health issues, but she was also extremely friendly, open and supportive throughout the process. She went out of her way to do things like meeting me at a supermarket to advise me on the different types of healthy foods and accompanying me to buy proper running shoes for my training. She would even text me with motivating messages relating to how the workout for that day had been or messages congratulating me on weight loss achieved. She showed such a high level of commitment to my training and proof of her passion for her work.

The results have been incredible. Since January that I started training with Tessa I have lost 24.2 pounds and my body fat index has gone from 31% to 22.4%! More importantly I was able to achieve my goal of losing all the weight from the pregnancies in a healthy and permanent manner. I feel more toned, energetic and fitter than I have ever before”

Mariana (Singapore)

“Thank you Tessa for the fantastic year of training! I am so happy with the results; I have lost 10 kg, I have renewed our weekly menu at home, changed to the better eating habits and I have learned to enjoy weight lifting! All your ideas have worked! I could not have done this without you!”

Niina (Singapore)

“I started training with Tessa as I wanted to get in shape after having our 3rd child. I saw great results very quickly. Tessa not only trained me but also gave me lots of advice on eating sensibly to help lose the weight too. I have had personal trainers in the past but saw results I haven’t had before, through Tessa. For the first time I noticed that I was much more toned and my strength has improved dramatically.
Tessa is always encouraging & also really lovely & fun to chat too while you’re doing it!”

Alex (Singapore)

“This is to say that Tessa has been my Personal Trainer at the Body Temple in Singapore from June 2010 to September 2011 and I would not hesitate to recommend her to prospective clients.
Tessa’s sessions are always very well planned and personalised to individual needs setting realistic and challenging targets. In addition, she has such a lovely and encouraging manner that you truly endeavour to do your best but don’t feel discouraged when you can’t quite manage it the first time!
Apart from sessions in the gym, Tessa has been a tremendous support in my fitness and nutritional habits outside the gym advising me on a home exercise programme with the equipment I have available, as well as programmes to follow when travelling. She has also given excellent and sensible advice on food plans and is always happy to research if she is not sure of the answer to a query.
I will really miss Tessa – going to the gym will never be quite the same for me – but I wish her all the best for her new endeavours in Australia”

Fiona (Singapore)

“I have been training with Tessa Fanshawe for over a year and a half, and I can’t recommend her more highly. When I started I was very unfit, having done very little exercise due to an ongoing foot injury. During my time with her my feet have improved dramatically, and I have been able to make great strides with my fitness. I have also learnt so much and have developed good training habits including stretching and rolling; building core strength and preventing injuries. She is also excellent with quick and easy diet and health tips.

Tessa is the ultimate professional. She is highly motivational and always encouraging, but equally warm and genuinely interested in each individual. As a result she structures a programme around you and continues to come up with new and clever ways to stretch you. Over all this time, I am always learning new things. I am going to miss our weekly sessions but I wish her great success in Australia”

Jax (Singapore)

I have been training with Tessa for over a year and the experience has been only positive. I originally contacted Tessa as I wanted to lose a couple of kilos, however I got that and so much more!!
Tessa helped me obtain my weight loss goal not only through training but also be providing nutritional information and guidance on my diet. What I particularly enjoyed about training with Tessa is that she managed to combine a nice balance of motivation, support while making the training sessions fun. She also kept the sessions interesting by regularly changing the exercises and gradually introducing new exercises as my fitness and strength improved.
I would highly recommend Tessa if you have a fitness or weight goal to achieve and need a supportive, motivating fitness coach who is 100% committed to your success. Having fun is just an additional benefit!

Finuala (Singapore)

I started training with Tessa three months after giving birth to twins. I hadn’t exercised while pregnant and really needed to regain strength, particularly as my twins were getting heavier by the day! I was recommended Tessa because of her expertise in post-pregnancy training. She put together an excellent programme for me which took into account my body’s needs and limitations. Tessa was always subtly increasing the weights and introducing new exercises, I began to notice improvements in my fitness and strength levels immediately. It was a joy working out with Tessa as she is such good company.

I trained with Tessa for 10 months, I feel much stronger and fitter than I was pre-pregnancy!

Holly (Singapore)

Tessa was my personal trainer for over one year during which time I got to know her well during out training sessions.

Tessa is a quiet, happy person who has motivated me to loose weight and get fit during out time together. I have appreciated; especially now that she has left Singapore that she was truly a fantastic trainer who is not only consistent and punctual but compassionate to my needs. She always seemed to know just how much to push me!

I is with pleasure that I recommend anyone to Tessa who is looking for a personal trainer who will be professional yet caring at the same time.

Adele (Singapore)


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