Work out those Knots with a Free Massage

If you fancy a  free and very affective deep tissue massage then grab yourself a tennis ball do it yourself? Ok, I know it might sound crazy and I too was sceptical at first but honestly, it really works! You really can get into all those tight spots on your back, chest and glutes by using a tennis ball.

The process is called “Self Myofascial Release’ and it has been recognised to have a wide range of different benefits including curing chronic and injuries and pain and improving posture.

Back (particularly good for lower and middle back)

  • Stand with your back against a wall with the ball between you and the wall. Then move your body around over ball and find those tight spots. When you get to one hold for 30 seconds and or until the pain subsides a  bit and then release

Chest (great for helping to relieve shoulder tension which is often caused by a tight chest and weak upper back)

  • Stand facing  the wall with the ball between you and the wall. As with the back move your body over the ball until you find a tight spot.

Glutes (particularly good for runners!)

  • Sit on the floor and place the tennis ball underneath the right hand side of your glute muscle (butt). Place the right ankle over your left knee (the same leg that the ball is underneath) to open out the glute muscle and then slowly roll over the tennis ball making sure you go all the way out to the sides. Put as much weight on it as possible. If you find a tight spot hold the ball there for 30 seconds or as long as you can bare! You will know you are doing it right if it feels rather uncomfortable!

For a more extensive, full body experience you can also purchase a foam roller that has been specifically designed for this purpose.  See for  more information.

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