Turn water into wine…well almost!

So everyone around you is tucking into a nice glass of wine and for whatever reason (health kick, antibiotics, pregnant) you are on the water. Here are my tips on how to survive your wine drought without succumbing to sugary, chemical laden soft drinks.

  • Choose sparkling Pellegrino, for some reason I find it feels a bit special!
  • Pour your water into a wine or champagne glass to make it feel like a treat!
  • Add some ice, mint leaves and sliced lemon.
  • Other fruit combinations that are good include: ginger and a slice of lemon, a strawberry and some mint leaves or cucumber slices, a slice of orange and some apple. 

Give them a go and let me know what you think!

One Response to “Turn water into wine…well almost!”

  1. Tried this and it is yummy!! Worth putting in champagne glass so it feels special…

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